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Bad Alright with the words. Good with the numbers.
Give me chaos order I’ll give you order chaos.

I enjoy coming up with systems and creating my own curves. Came out the city and hit the world.


http:// Phhhoto . com

PHHHOTO® web interface

http:// scooba x Harinezumi

The Superheadz Harinezumi from New York to Western Europe.

http:// Dr Pepper Tuition

Created the front-end system used since 2014.

http:// Garnier USA

8 month intensive front-end only project. Lead a front-end team to create a responsive experience for the US market.

http:// Code and Theory . com

Build the grid.

http:// Woodford Reserve Affinity Program

Wordpress. Woodford. Whiskey.

http:// Scoobasteve . org

Version 1.0


With gorilla man gone,

*will there be hope
for man gorilla?





PHHHOTO / HyperHyper http://

Front-end lead at the New York office of HyperHyper, the creators of PHHHOTO.

Code and Theory http://

Sr. Developer
Jr. Developer

Type @ Cooper - Hand Lettering Course

A week long intensive class in traditional sign painting taught by John Downer

Sociology 101 at Hunter College

Cool class.

Alien Kung Fu http://

Produced website.
Created motion graphic assets for video work.

Parsons The New School for Design

Design and Technology - 2 semesters
Jane Jacobs

Artists for Humanity http://

Graphic Design.
Silk Screening.

Boston Latin School

7th grade.
A.P. Computer Science A
Adobe Flash awards 2009 & 2010

Balfour Academy

Summer program at Northeastern University for Boston youth. Took courses to prepare for college.


Something happened and nine months later -- poop.

mislead and misfead
and fead


you can't duplicate space
  except what's in your own </    >span
 control what's in your own place


Quick and skilled. During my early years I found my hand in design as well as the computer. The simplicity of the letter as well. Over the years I have mixed in martial arts and thought.

Pachi Tanglang
Graphic Design
Data Structures
User Experience


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